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Originally founded as a New Marketing and facilitating company. The idea was to introduce new technologies and methodologies through a global network to the market. During years of market activity, implementation of new partnerships, joint ventures and participation in new business opportunities, Al-Badr international has had a presence in three specific business areas, acting with a world class team, on a global scale.
A vision Statement The primary objective is long-term relationships based on continuity and cooperation with reputable partners. Al-Badr international seeks to establish joint Ventures with its partners so as to utilize resources and market products in the most efficient way, thereby sharing the workload and profits. This approach gives advantage to small and medium sized suppliers by securing them a better position in world markets, but also ensures optimal returns for larger producers.
Al-Badr international tolerates no illegal offers. We work to ensure that agreements reached are just and legal for our Suppliers and Customers, and ensure they are in accordance with the rules and laws of all countries involved. This is achieved by a healthy and a direct negotiation approach and trade mechanism. Al-Badr international`s utilization of an environmentally friendly processes is the key criteria for the selection of suppliers and customers. We are committed to providing the highest quality of services in purchasing Petroleum, derivatives and products. Our commitment with Suppliers and buyers of Oil and Petroleum products is represented by providing the best service, follow up and an adaptable approach for the ever changing market, all to assist and secure a successful conclusion of transactions while ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of both parties` demands and maintaining their agreed commitments.
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